Hi friends, let me explain...

The Breakaway Movement

We're a group of health conscious entrepreneurs who are passionate about wellness, sustainability, health and financial abundance. We work closely together to spread the message to others (mostly through online marketing) who are interested in joining and stepping away from the traditional 9-5.


When you join the Breakaway Movement (BAM) you become part of our amazing online community. BAM is full of like-minded people from ALL OVER the world, working together to promote a product we truly believe in and stand behind, Kangen Water. We host mastermind calls, one-on-one training, and tons of online training to coach each other through growing our online businesses. The information and support is truly what makes this movement so unique.

We're able to promote this amazing product online and grow our businesses from anywhere in the world, as long as we have wifi ;)

BAM has changed the lives of over 600 individuals, families and millennials. Including mine.

So if you're interested in having time, location and financial freedom, ask yourself this... are you open to welcoming abundance into your life?

If the answer is yes...

What are you waiting for?

Join our team and breakaway form the 9-5 grind that's holding you back.


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