Let's talk water.

The past two years I've made New Years Resolutions that included living a more eco-friendly life. I'm a huge fan of our big, beautiful planet, and I've become passionate about doing my part to decrease my carbon footprint. So I've done made a few changes...bought a reusable water bottle, metal straws, started taking recycling more seriously and even started a compost. None of these make a huge impact but altogether, they help out. When I heard about the Kangen machine my first thought was, "I'll never have to buy a plastic bottle of water again" and then I learned about all of the other household products the machine can replace and I realized that I could eliminate the use of A LOT more plastic products. This was a huge motivator for me, hopefully it is for you too :)

But if you're more interested in the health benefits, I have good news. There are so many.

Ionized, alkalinized water is on another level.

To name a few of the health benefits...

-neutralizes acid buildup in our bodies

-can help in boosting your metabolism

-can help with efficient digestion

-can boost your immune system

-can reduce acid reflux, by helping to balance out your PH level

-can increase energy levels

-highly effective in detoxification 

I'm just scratching the surface of what this water can do... 

So WHY is alkalinized water so good for you

(Kangen alkalinized water, to be specific)?

Kangen Water goes through a filtration process called ionization.

The water is micro-clustered (which means it is more hydrating than any bottled or tap water available to us) and filters out Chlorine, sediment and bacteria from our tap water. It also has a very unique antioxidant effect that specifically targets only the most harmful free radicals in our bodies.